AFRH strongly recommends stopping all ART treatments at this time.

It is expected that, as the epidemic is now spreading fast, all centres will stop initiating new fertility treatments, including In-Vitro Fertilization, frozen embryo transfer, surgical sperm retrieval, insemination and ovulation induction.

This is also in keeping with recommendations from other professional bodies in the field of fertility treatment. When such a decision is made, it is reasonable for clinics to complete treatment that has already commenced in patients who remain well and where the centre's resources allow this to be done safely. However, clinics should be mindful both of their duty to minimise spread and of the impact of any complications. It is mandatory therefore to consider these measures in women currently in the process of treatment.

Outpatient clinics and diagnostic work

As part of social distancing, it is reasonable to advise that all face-to-face work should pause, other than in emergency situations, and where delay would be detrimental to the prospects of patients. Where possible, clinics should facilitate telephone or video consultations.

If patients are attending for face-to-face encounters, care should be taken to stagger appointment times to prevent large groups of people congregating in waiting areas. Group sessions and support group meetings should stop at this time while social distancing is in place. Staff who can work from home should be facilitated to do so where appropriate, by provision of remote access to electronic case records as confidentiality restrictions allow.

WHO and NCDC guidelines remain our reference and guide on new developments and updates.

Please stay safe, wishing all of us the very best in this difficult time.

AFRH Secretariat,