Our History

The society was inaugurated as Nigerian Fertility Society, in 1992. It operated under this name for years, during which it organized several seminars, conferences, at times with societies of similar interest. Prof. Osato Giwa-Osagie and Prof. Oladapo Ashiru, along with Dr. John Esangbedo, Prof. Bomi Ogedengbe, Mrs Bobo Kayode, Prof. Akande Ebenezer, Prof. Oladapo Ladipo, Dr. Ibrahim Wada, along with others, have been at the forefront of this society, making it visible and heard, within and outside the country.

In this regard, Nigerian Fertility Society, {NFS}, has consistently been involved with the International Federation of Fertility Societies, {IFFS} and the annual dues for the society being paid regularly, to ensure continuous involvement and participation with the IFFS. Several efforts were made to get this name NFS, registered, but was unsuccessful. Therefore in 2010, the name Association for Fertility and Reproductive Health, {AFRH} was finally accepted and registered, by the Corporate Affairs Commission.

In November 2011, the association had a National meeting, and National executives were elected, to serve in various capacities, to get the Association activities started off, with a formal structure.

The society since then has organized international conferences, in November 2005 in Lagos, with full participation of the IFFS, and UK Fertility Registry, and several participants and delegates from Sub Saharan Africa in full participation. Similarly, in September 2013, Abuja, a similar conference was organized, with participants, from USA, UK, in full participation. Afrh Nigeria

Our Vission

It aims to promote improvements in clinical practice through organizing teaching, training and continuing medical education activities, developing and maintaining data registries and implementing methods to improve safety and quality assurance in clinical and laboratory procedures.

Our Mission

The Association is a non-partisan, non governmental association, geared towards the enhancement of and quality education service in reproductive health education, with emphasis on fertility services. The association seeks to create an awareness among all persons within Nigeria, Africa and abroad, of the importance of reproductive health. The association is a non-partisan, non-governmental association, geared towards

Our Goal

Is to the practise of IVF through education, training and research to maintain a high standard of professionalism.

Our Objectives

1. To provide training of personnel and other educational professionals for the dissemination of fertility and reproductive health information.

2. To secure the services of professional and other staff to assist in fulfilling the objectives of the society.

3. To provide educational material in areas of need to be used in fertility and reproductive health education.

4. To act as a research institution and to carry out research on issues that relate to fertility and reproductive health education within Nigeria, Africa and internationally.

5. To establish good working and co-operative relationships within government and non-government organizations and agencies at National, regional and international levels.

6. The Nigerian cultural background of social isolation of infertile couples has made ART practice in Nigeria relevant. Children are so important that childlessness is seen as a curse to the family and community.

7. There are about 12million infertile persons in Nigeria which is almost 10% of the total population. To this group of people, any form of access to effective treatment is priority. It is their valid or legitimate right in a democratic society like ours to have this right to life's treatment.

8. Available evidence shows that a significant proportion of infertility in this environment is only 'amenable' through ART Intervention.

9. There are currently over 43 IVF centres across the country with over 35 being privately owned; there are more on their way to being established. The existence of the AFRH, would enable the introduction of National ethical and regulatory guidelines, foster adequate collaboration between centres, nations and with other fertility societies in USA, Europe and Asia, and most importantly the (IFFS) International Federation of Fertility Societies, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the ESHRE. The ARFH is already affiliated, and a registered member of IFFS.

10. The rapidly unfolding development of ART practice calls for the coming together of all centres in Nigeria as we have done at this meeting, to discuss important issues with a view to check unethical practices and abuse of those seeking services in the society; and get the minimum standard for establishing IVF clinics.

National Executive

Dr. Ibrahim Wada


Dr. Preye Fiebai

1st Vice President

Dr. A. Adeyemi-Bero

2nd Vice President

Mrs. Abiola Adewusiv

Secretary General

Mrs. Rose O. Ogbeche

Assistant Secretary General

Mr. Nonso Daniels


Dr. Kingsley Onwuzurigbo

Assistant Treasurer

Dr. Christopher Danga

Financial Secretary

Dr. Faye Iketubosin

Ex Officio 1