Experts Move to Stop Quackery In Fertility Treatment

"To provide services in ART, our activities include working with government to have ethical and regulatory for regulation for the practice, working with the LASG and FG the National ethical and regulatory framework for practice of ART in Nigeria." Further, the President noted that ART was on the increase.

"The practice of ART has exploded in Nigeria as we have gone from a situation of two or three clinics of several years ago to 74 clinics across the country today with 24 of the clinics in Lagos. Currently there are over 250 registered members with ARFH. There is need for fertility research in reproductive health issues." Iketubosin said the AFRH which is the umbrella body for the practice and regulation of ART in the country is committed to creation of awareness about reproductive health services in Nigeria, Africa and globally through implementing programmes for improving Sexual and Reproductive Health, SRH, care and support. The AFRH which is also planning its 2018 conference themed: "New Frontiers in ART" in September According to Chairman of the Conference Local Organising Committee, LOC, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, "One of the pillars of ART is training of doc tors and we take it very seriously. Infertility is increasing from all available evidence and our main workshop will be coming up in September 2018. According to Ajayi, the workshop will feature experts from all over the world and Nigeria will be preceded by an ultrasound workshop on February 16-17, 2018 in Lagos.